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Ningbo Biyi Electric Appliance Co.,Ltd is located in the south Ningbo, west to Hangzhou, 40 minutes drive from Ningbo International Airport and only 1 hour       drive from Hangzhou Xiaoshan International Airport.

Ningbo Biyi  Electric Appliance Co., Ltd. is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Biyi Group. It is a  professional manufacturer of air fryer, deep fryer and grill. Founded in   2001, it got a good and broad development status and  prospects under the leadership of Chairman Wen Jiwang after ten years of  unremitting efforts.

In August 2010, the company successfully moved to the new factory and made a breakthrough development. At present, the company has more than 1000         employees, a total construction area of 85,000, with a storage area of more than 20,000,  with 30 assembly lines, annual production capacity of 6.5 million     units. There are more  than 200 basic equipments such as injection molding machines, hydraulic presses and punching machines. It has fully automatic welding   production line and spraying production line, and its production level is at the domestic leading level.

Technology is the primary productivity. The company has its strong technical force. The R&D center has gathered more than 20 top professional engineers in       China. The liquid crystal series deep fryer and tempered glass series deep fryer developed by the company have obtained national invention patents, and              obtained dozens of design patents and utility model patents each year. All products have obtained various international certifications, such as GS certification, UL certification, and many chemical testing and food  grade testing standards. The products have unmatched features in peer products. The laboratory has a full set of domestic advanced experimental test instruments, such  as oil temperature tester, pressure tester, life tester, flame tester,  etc., and in 2010, TUV Rheinland     officially authorized our laboratory to become TÜV Rheinland accredited laboratory. This marks another qualitative leap in our technical strength.

At the same time, the company pays great attention to quality assurance. In the corporate culture of the company, we define the quality as below –  quality is the foundation of production and development. It is with this kind of thinking that the company is equipped with a complete team of  quality inspectors, a                 reasonable inspection process, strict inspection standards and complete inspection equipment. Everything has been strictly checked, raw material inspection,         product line inspection, and large cargo final inspection. Minimize product defect rates with maximum probability. Every quality inspector has undergone              rigorous training from the company and is conscientious in quality control. At the same  time, the company has passed the audit of various certification bodies    such as TUV, SGS, ITS, STR, etc. and obtained high ratings, which  is highly praised by customers. It is with this point that our company has established a good     and long-lasting partnership with many internationally renowned customers, which has laid  a solid foundation for the long-term development of our company.

The company's various departments are fully equipped. In terms of  management, the company cooperates with well-known management training companies in China to continuously enhance the work consciousness of each manager and ordinary employees, and arm themselves with advanced ideas. In the field              management, the company introduced the 5S management concept to keep every employee and the work site in order.

We are a professional manufacturer of deep fryers. After several years of development, the company has developed more than 60 products covering all series. As the company expands, it is actively developing similar products. In 2010, we developed a series of grill, which are very popular among customers. In the future,   we will innovate and develop more and better home appliances. Biyi will stand out in the waves of the times and become the leader in the industry. Choosing Biyi is to choose a better tomorrow.



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